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Departure Lounge @ Mont Kiara

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I had a great Saturday yesterday. Wonderful lunch and dinner. In between that, I had some time to kill, so head on to Departure Lounge at Mont Kiara. Since I don't have space in my stomach, just had a cup of mint mocha while I surfed. Love the minty taste, complimented the coffee taste.

It was my first time ever hanging out on my own. Hmmm.. Not too bad. Liked it. Should do this more often.
However, the speed of connection was really slow though. Yawn. And the 2 hours passed by real quickly - in fact only managed to clean up small % of my photographs.. .

Mint mocha. Price-RM9

There were quite a number of customers when I walked in. Love the cosy environment. Though both outlets are as cosy, I still prefer the Departure Lounge at Sunway Mas.

Books of various countries, for reference

Failed attempt to update my blog due to slow connection

Spotted this view while walking to car. Wonderful evening

Departure Lounge
No 10, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris, Mont Kiara, 50480 KL
Tel : 03-6203 0362


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