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Fong Lye @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Posted by Sherlyn K On 2:15 PM 4 comments

Went to Fong Lye at Desa Sri Hartamas 2 Fridays ago. Its branch at Mid Valley has been real popular judging by the long queue each time I pass by. Its when I see all this fully packed restaurant, despite it not being cheap make me question 'what bad economy that people are talking about?'

Eric and I felt like something soupy the other night, and thus decided to just order its seafood claypot soup. This claypot was a real big order, and its portion is in fact a little big for 2 pax.

With its combination of many ingredients, it made the broth even sweeter. This claypot included fried egg wrapped in minced pork, fish ball, squid, crab stick, lala, prawn, meatball, crab, pork, golden mushroom, taufoo and cabbage.

Claypot seafood soup. Price-RM66

One of my many bowl of soup

We were recommended side order of meehoon to go with the soup. We went for it, however, wish we had not, cos we were really stuffed by the time the meehoon was served. In addition, it costed us RM6 for the rather small plate.

A little cup of juice (think its made of lime and honey, perhaps) was served towards end of the dinner.

A good end to the dinner

Restaurant Fong Lye
9, Plaza Prismaviller,
Jalan 19/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Tel : 03-6201 7998

Business hours :
11am-2.30pm, 6-9.30pm


(My actual visit here : 310709. Total bill RM87.34)

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4 Response for the "Fong Lye @ Desa Sri Hartamas"

  1. janislim says:

    u makin me hungry!ive always lurve fonglye.been quite sometime since i last visited. on another note, i was @soo kee, imbi.food was rather bad.i had the oiliest fried veg ever in my life!!

  2. Vivien says:

    didn't know they have this seafood pot... hehe, looks really huge

  3. Anonymous says:

    i always like seafoods..this is my fav one..this is feeling me hungry..
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  4. Lovinlife says:

    Hey Janis.... Soo Kee. i've not been there for a long while.. so based I ur feedback, there isn't much that I missed huh? *<>*