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After Cass brought me to Desa Park City, I have been so 'rajin' to bring my friends here. Shereen and I wanted to have something light, thus decided to try The Steamboat. Steamboat is getting more and more popular, and the places that I know has the most steamboat restaurants are Menjalara and Bandar Bukit Tinggi. Most selling fresh ingredients from Pulau Ketam.

Shereen & Me
Steamboat here is served with individual pot.

Individual pots

We opted for the Mix Ball Noodle Set, and Dumpling Noodle Set. This 2 sets combined comes with noodle, slices of fish cake, types of fish ball, dumpling and crab stick. When it is served as such, it is also like cooking your own noodle soup. Having steamboat that claims that their ingredients are supplied from Pulau Ketam, you can't get too wrong, as the ingredients are usually FRESH.

Mix Ball Noodle Set.Price-RM8.80, Dumpling Noodle Set.Price-RM9.80

It was after rain when we got here, so the night was especially cooling, and seated outside where there is wind breeze and top up with the park view, makes me enjoy the dinner even more. Of course the companion perfects it. * <> *

The Steamboat Ketam Village
GF-08, The Waterfront @ Parkcity,
5 Persiaran Residen,
Desa Park City, 52100 KL
Tel : 03-6280 8889


2 Response for the "The Steamboat Ketam Village @ Desa Park City"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Food is yummy. Highly recommended.

    Tips : the green chillies willonly be served to those who ask for it :)

  2. Lovinlife says:

    Will ask for the green chilli the next time I eat here... :)