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New York New York @ One Utama

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Met up with Ivy, errr, some time ago. I eat out so often, and now I can't seem to be able to keep up in my update.
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I've not been to 1U for a while, until about a month ago. And the number of restaurants that has opened, replacing the area previously occupied by Giant at the New Wing, gives us a lot more choices to savour our tastebud. We decided to have dinner in New York New York - love the rounded seating.

Me & Ivy

A sucker to interesting names, decided to go for the Roasted Mushroom Cappuccino soup. The description - 'cream of roasted mushrooms with frothed milk and topped with a sprinkle of cocoa powder. The perfect pick-me-up! ' and so I decided to pick it up. However, I finished what sounded special - the frothed milk and cocoa powder by the first 2 scoop into the soup. Perhaps, I should actually blend them together before drinking it.. Hmmm..

Roasted Mushroom Cappuccino Soup. Price-RM6.90

Ordered the mushroom and roasted vege salad. This salad is dressed with garlic vinaigrette. A little sourish. Don't quite like this salad.

Mushroom & Roast Vege Salad.Price-RM10.50

And the main meal that we had was Spaghetti Mushroom Alfredo with Chicken Fillet. Only when I am writing this, I realized all 3 items ordered that night comes with mushroom. A real mushroom lover or what. The sauce thickness is just nice. This dish is recommended when you feel like having alfredo spaghetti, and roasted chicken at the same time.

Spaghetti Mushroom Alfredo with Chicken Fillet. Price-RM25.90

Though feeling really full, we wanted to try out their dessert, and since having Heng who joined us towards end of the dinner, we went ahead to order. At least we have him as our back-up, should we are not able to finish the dessert. Hehe. The dessert is so rich in chocolate, and is gone in 5 mins.

Mudpie with Ice-Cream.Price-RM11.90

New York New York

LG311, 1 Utama Shopping Centre 1,
Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ

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