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Visited Cass last week at her residential, and we head to Waterfront, Desa Park City for dinner. Prior to that, we walked around the park, taking shots of my model of the day - Ian (thanks to Boon for trusting me with his baby - Canon EOS450D).

Some of the shots taken.
Top row : L-Proud mom with Ian, M-Cheeky Ian, R-Me&Ian
Bottom row : Ian enjoying himself

This is such a beautiful park, and how nice it is to finish work every day, and just come over to the park for a walk and relax. Hmm.. maybe I shall start to day dream now, of owning a home here. Hehe..

Ideal residential area

Park overlooking the restaurants, or rather the restaurants overlooking the park

There are quite a number of restaurants at the Waterfront, and we settled for the Chinese, One Noodle that is somewhat like Dragon-I. At the end of the meal, I prefer One Noodle, as I think its standard of food is comparable, and at a more reasonable price.

Inside One Noodle

Ian - still not tired of posing

We ordered 2 starter, and 1 noodle for sharing.

I liked the seafood roll - can taste the freshness of prawn used in the roll, and this roll is fried together with mayo and mango.

Seafood Roll

The Shanghai dumpling is good. Quite a lot of 'soup' within the dumpling, and the meat is really fresh.

Shanghai Dumpling
I like the 'clearness' of this noodle soup.

Chef's Special Soup La Mein.Price-RM8.80

Hong Kong Creamy Tea. It really is CREAMY. Price-RM3.30

Overall, had a satisfied dinner. Total bill came up to about RM35 (Thanks Cass for the dinner).

One Noodle
Lot GF-03, Waterfront Park City,
No 5 Persiaran Residen
52200 Desa Park City, KL
Tel : 03-6280 8499

* Non-Halal

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5 Response for the "One Noodle @ Waterfront Desa Park City"

  1. wow...totally appetizing ;) your baby is sooo adorbale. give my hug to him ;)

  2. Kelvin says:

    The photos which come from the 450D in your hands are heaps better than mine.. LOL.

  3. Sherlynk says:

    HI Abby,
    Lotsa yummy food huh? Btw, the baby ain't mine.. Cass, my fren is his proud mummy ;-)

  4. Sherlynk says:

    Hi Kelvin,
    Your shots are getting better too.. Ian was my model, and I can be your model, for you to 'sharpen' your skills.. LOL.

  5. Kelvin says:

    Where is the blog of that travel takeoff place? so many photos to edit and write about meh??