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Simple food @ Pandamaran, Klang

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My family & I loves coming to this place at Pandamaran for our breakfast. This family business operates at the front of their home, and mainly cooked by the mom, assisted by her daughters. The noodles served here are really delicious (though at times, may be a little salty) but most of all, the meals here are really worth it.

Tapioca Noodle

Cantonese Kuey Teow & Meehoon

Of all, I love the curry mee served here. It really taste like what I used to have while I was schooling. They are generous with their bean sprout, char siew, cockles, dried taufoopok and fish cake.

Claypot curry mee

Just like eating in kampung

This is how it look from the outside

The kitchen

The location of this restaurant is after passing Pandamaran B School on the right, just go straight, and there is a bigger building on the right, where there is a road with no entry sign. To turn in at the road right after this, and you will see the makan place on the right.

Total bill only came up to RM13.50 for the claypot curry mee, tapioca noodle, cantonese fried noodle and 2 glass of drinks.
One of their other specialty is the fried mee hoon kuey.

* Non-halal

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