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Da Tuan Yuan @ Bandar Baru Klang

Posted by Sherlyn K On 1:52 PM 5 comments

Owner of Da Tuan Yuan used to be a cook in Hou Moon, a famous restaurant near Pin Hwa School in Klang. He opened his own restaurant, and since he was the cook there previously, and now here, the food actually taste pretty much the same. And not only taste is similar, the dishes served are almost identical too.

Went for dinner here with my best friends from the school days - Lena, Cass and her hubby, since Lena was back from US for a short trip.

Me, Lena and Cassie

If possible, avoid the peak hours during weekend, as there will be long wait for table.

The restaurant

'Seong Tong' Spinach

Da Tuan Yuan is very popular for their fish - cooked in assam sauce, or steam with ginger. Diners usually order the fish head , and since we all don't really know to appreciate the head, we chose the body instead.

Assam fish

Brinjal cooked with long bean

Roast Pork

Steam lala with wine

The food is good overall, and the mantis shrimp is one of my favorite. Its fried crispy enough, and yet can still taste the freshness of the mantis shrimp. The salted egg yolk in fact goes very well with the mantis shrimp.

Mantis Shrimp fried with salted egg yolk

The price is also very reasonable, as the total bill for this came up to RM79. (Thanks Roger for dinner).

Da Tuan Yuan is located behind HSBC at Bandar Baru. Pass HSBC on the left, till the end, turn left, and towards the end, turn left. The restaurant is on the left.

* Non-halal

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5 Response for the "Da Tuan Yuan @ Bandar Baru Klang"

  1. Lena Yeoh says:

    Yum! Yum! Yum! all these yummy food makes me miss you girls even more. Awesome job for getting this going..i like your fantastic idea.
    This really helps a lot of people out there..esp those wondering..
    - where to go for good food
    - what to eat during the weekend
    - where to go with families.

    **btw..future reference..can you put a better pic of us..?hahaha

  2. Sherlynk says:

    Spend so little time with us, mana cukup?

    Make sure next time look our best, any day, any time.. then only can get nice pix.. ;-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why no call me one??? Ah Beng.

  4. Kelvin Boon says:

    And me also...

  5. Sherlynk says:

    Ah boon, U were bz travelling, otherwise you will surely be invited along to this important dinner.. ;-)