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We were recommended this cafe, Frisson as the venue to celebrate my bestie's birthday dinner. Dinner is a better choice to head to Uptown, as parking space isn't as horrendous during the daytime. In fact, some of us have been here, especially for their dessert. 

For a Monday night, I would say I am pleasantly surprised by the flow of customers that patronize this cafe. In fact, it was full house. Upon trying their selection of food, I could then understand why. 

Frisson does serve good quality of food, with pretty varying selections, and I was most surprised with the offering of fish head curry. 

Full house on Monday night 
From the outside of Frisson 
As a start, I had the Salted Caramel Latte. I love the slightly foamy, yet creamy and soothing coffee. This was indeed an aromatic cup of coffee, despite I wish that the taste of Salted Caramel was a tad stronger. 

Salted Caramel Latte.
The food presentation was amazing, and us being there as the sun set, added point to the place. I loved moment as the sun sets, and the golden ray shined through the glass door right to our seating area. 

The salad was fresh, with lots of greens, corn, tomatoes and egg. Served with vinaigrette , this surely perks up our appetite. 

Classic Salad. Price-RM13.90
This I was told is one of their best seller. The grilled salmon with linguine. I liked the salmon that was so tasty, and grilled to perfection. The linguine was soaked with just the right amount of tomato sauce. It carried just the right balance of sourness, and love the smell of herb. 

Salmon with Fettucine. 
This version of Frisson's skinny pizza was yummy too. Very thin and cheesy. Love the melted cheese that topped this delicious piece of pizza. 

Skinny Pizza

This bagel with egg, filled with beef patty, and served with melted cheese was a winner dish too. Beef was very moist. 

We all nod with approval as we sipped in the creamy curry to our mouth. This pot of fish head went so well with white rice, and the flavour was very rich. Tasted better that some restaurant that served fish head curry, and yet, I still have to remind myself, yes, I'm actually having this dish in a cafe. 

Salmon Fish Head Curry. Price-RM34.90

A cafe that served food that tasted above expectation, and has great variety of food. Our stomach were all too full, but my friend raved about their dessert being super good, which refers to their waffle. 

Frisson Coffee Bar
71-G, Jalan SS21/1A, 
47400 Petaling Jaya 
Tel : 03-7732 9969 

Business Hours : 
11am-10.30pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 9am-10.30pm (Sat,Sun) 

Closed : Tuesday 

FB link, here

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