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One weekend, me and my best friend decided to explore China Town. I wanted to reminisce the good old days, and what is better than having my lunch at Old China Kafe which also served as antique gallery that I can get to appreciate while savoring my meal. 

Entrance to the Old China Kafe

Beautiful wall, surrounded with lots of old frames of photos 
Steps leading to the toilet. Look at the old fridge which is still functioning.

As appetizer, we ordered the Pie-Tee which were crispy hat-shaped cones made of rice flour, and we filled this up with bean sprouts, cucumber, sweet turnip (which were slow cooked till soft) and some fried onion. This served as a good snack, and has to go with dash of the chilli sauce. Despite the filling tasted good, I felt the 'Top-Hat' lacked crispiness. 

Pie-Tee/Top Hats. Price-RM7.80

Opted for the Coconut Rice which looked so beautifully as it is cooked with tinge of blue pea flower. We were highly satisfied with the Nyonya Fried Chicken, that carried slight spiciness, cooked with local herbs, roasted coconut grantin and fragrant coconut cream. The sauce was creamy enough and went really well with the rice. 

Nyonya Rendang Chicken. Price-RM15.90; Coconut Rice. Price-RM1.90
The mixed vegetables cooked with oyster sauce were stir fried till just nice, maintaining the vegetable freshness. 

Chinese Mix Vegetables. Price-RM10.80
Old furniture had surely maintained its charm, with the place surrounded by tourists to Malaysia, and locals as well. 

A charming cafe 

Verdict : Satisfying food taste operated within a charming old cafe occupying the heritage row. Ought to at least experience once by locals, and a must for tourists. 

Old China Kafe 
11 Jalan Balai Polis, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel : 03-2072 5915 

Business Hours : 11.30am-10.30pm 
Last order : 9.30pm 

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