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The newly revamped shoplot at Jalan Batai has sprung a new life to this area. The combination of the cafes, and the soon to be opened Ben's Independent Grocer, seemed to bring plenty of anticipation towards this 2 row of shoplots. 

If one have not been here, the queue that is a norm may have caught your attention. Decided to visit here during the odd hours, ie. the morning of a weekday. 

Outdoor seating @ Yellow Brick Road

A peek into the cafe
Part of its design is the yellow mosaic blended with its cement floor which drew a connection between its swirled up yellow brick road logo. Its wooden lighted panel that resembled a tree in the center seemed to stand out among the other seating available in the cafe. 

A look towards the front of the cafe

I ordered their Cappuccino. It has a highly strong aroma, and the right thickness through each sip of the cup of coffee gave me a good kick-start to my morning. 

Cappuccino. Price-RM11

The green tea was certainly a good choice for one that doesn't fancy coffee. It carried a distinct taste of green tea yet well balanced off with its level of sweetness.

Green Tea.
The presentation of the Big Breakfast was overwhelming, in a good way. It came in a big pan size, filled with many parts that made up the breakfast set. It was filled with toasted rye bread topped with 2 poached eggs (other options of eggs are available), chicken sausages, turkey ham (optional choice is the beef bacon), which were served with mixed beans, grilled mushroom, sweet potatoes, red bean, grilled tomatoes, and hash brown. 

As much as Big breakfast depend mainly on the taste of its ingredients, the overall delivery of this plate of dish was a tad dry, and lacked of seasoning to alleviate the taste of each. In addition, the mixed beans tasted rather odd. 

Only bonus was, for the price paid, this was a portion adequate to fit 2. Some may comment that this is expensive, but try buying each item and cook yourself at home, the cost would have easily doubled, or more. 

The Big Breakfast Bash. Price-RM30

How beautiful is the runny yolk 
I truly enjoyed my pancake. Based on the many diners that ordered their pancake, these goody must have been one of their specialty. 

My version was topped with lots of bonito flakes, the slight saltiness, and the fragrant of these flakes made my meal truly appetizing. I loved the 3 grilled prawns and salmon roes that were served with the pancake. Pancake was light and fluffy,and the blend of takoyaki sauce and japanese mayo really gave me a pleasurable meal.  

Lucky Takoyaki. Price-RM24

Yes. I shall return again very soon. And I suspect, I will be ordering pancake too. 

Food - 7/10; Price - 8/10, Service - 8/10, Ambiance - 9/10 
(Service would have been a 10, and it was only one particular long hair girl server that responded in a slight unwilling manner that gave me a slight unpleasant feeling. Apart from that, all other server seemed to have responded in a highly well mannered way). 

Yellow Brick Road 
7 Jalan Batai, 
Bukit Damansara, 
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2035 5922

Business Hours : 
9am-5pm (Sun-Thu), 9am-10pm (Fri & Sat - during which kitchen closes from 4-6pm)

FB link, here

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