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Heard so much about Tokyo Street at Pavilion, that I just have to take a few hours off to head down to KL for lunch.

Before stepping in to Tokyo Street, not too bad an idea to pose with the macho Ultraman.

A pix with 'Ultraman'

SANTOUKA was the main reason I made this visit, as I've heard so much about the authenticity of taste of this ramen store.

Check out the display of what's await here

As we wanted to save our stomach for the other food outside, Shereen & I just took a set to share. Had the 'Small Ramen & Char Siu Rice Bowl Set' and took the 'Shio'/Salt soup base as were told this is the original soup base. The set too came with a cup of chawanmushi, pickle, salad and a cup of green tea.

Known for serving soup at the perfect temperature as the soup is not meant to be boiled, I do like the soup base that carries the pork bone taste. The elasticity of the ramen does spells freshness too.

The Char Siu served on top of the rice, tasted excellent. Love the aromatic taste, and tenderness of the char siu. NICE!!

The cup of green tea was also worth mentioning, as it has a fresh tea aroma. Liked this..

Small Ramen & Char Siu Rice Bowl Set. Price-RM33


Love the very Japanese feel outside SANTOUKA

Its been so long since I last been to Pavilion, and its definitely a wonderful feeling to have seen how much it has improved, especially with creation of Tokyo Street, a place that combines everything Japanese.. Good 'FEEL'..

Hokkaido Ramen - SANTOUKA
Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL
Lot 6.24.03, Level 6,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 KL
Tel : 03-2143 8878
Fax : 03-2143 8879
Email : Santouka.Malaysia@gmail.com

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6 Response for the "Hokkaido Ramen-SANTOUKA @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL"

  1. Unknown says:

    The ramen there is beyond awesome! =)

  2. Bits says:

    I love Japanese food, thanks for sharing. It is just awesome!

  3. Hi Smitten by Food,
    Yups.. I can't wait to try their other offerings..

    Bits of Taste, this is for all the Japanese food lovers out there.. :)

  4. I've been wondering about Tokyo St too and still haven't got there. I want a shot with Ultraman too :-)

  5. The Yum List,
    Check it out soon.. and the Ultraman is super cool. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...