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Chatime @ The Gardens

Posted by Sherlyn K On 6:14 PM 7 comments

The craze over Taiwan bubble tea has been apparent in the recent months, with the arrival of 'Chatime'. Well, there are other player in the market prior to Chatime, however, Chatime has been successful in branding and ensuring they are located at prominent and visible locations.

I simply love their logo, purple font in 'modern' typeface, 'accompanied' by the tea leaves

For a bubble tea product which started from 2003 in Taiwan, and has since spread its wings to 12 countries, including Malaysia. It boasts an impressive 450 stores worldwide. WOW!!!

Chatime entered Malaysia, with Pavillion, being its first flagship outlet, and just few months after (w/c 25 Apr '11) , into its 6th and 7th outlet at The Gardens and SS15 respectively.
Chatime took the opportunity to officially launch its 6th outlet at The Gardens by holding an official media launch in The Gardens itself, on 28 April 2011

Here's some of its popular drinks :
From L to R : Red Bean Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, Passion Fruit QQ, Grass Jelly Fresh Milk, Matcha Latte

I was treated to the Grass Jelly Fresh Milk. I just love this milky, healthy drink, filled with lots of incredibly soft grass jelly, which it was easier to finish up once I finished the drink.

My Grass Jelly Fresh Milk

I can't take my eyes away from the Pearl Milk Tea (as shown in the middle)

Absolute cute sticker to promote its range of 'Mousse' Tea

Jeff & Mei Yan started the media launch by creating 'little' conversations with the media and guests

The CEO of Chatime Malaysia shared on their business plans, and looks like they are looking to grow this world renowned bubble tea franchise rapidly, with plans of opening another 25 more flagship stores in the next 2 years. Oh, what a wonderful piece of news for bubble tea drink lovers.

Sharing of expansion plans by CEO of Chatime Malaysia, Mr Bryan Loo (needless to mention, the CEO has to be 1 of the youngest CEO in Malaysia, and he was repeatedly complimented by Jeff on how good looking he is, and how celebrity looking he is..... and yes, this I ought to agree)

After the official ribbon cutting, some Malaysian personalities were invited to demonstrate their latest beverage series - the Mousse Bubble Tea. 3 steps to drinking the mousse bubble tea.
1) Enjoy the rich flavor of mousse by sipping the top layer
2) Slowly insert the straw to enjoy freshness of tea at the bottom layer
3) Stir both layers till even and indulge in a perfect union..

Here are the drinks from the Mousse Bubble Tea range :

From L to R (Top): Black Tea Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Jasmine GreenTea Mousse, Matcha Mousse
From L to R (Bottom) : Ichiban Roasted Tea Mousse, Tie Guanyin Tea Mousse

They all loved their Chatime drinks

Beautifully decorated cake by Delectable - totally stunning...

Guests were then invited to Chatime's outlet in front of CIMB, where Mr Bryan explained to the media on process of making the tea. Brewed tea and cooked bubble jellies will be discarded after 4 hours if not used.. (but they usually finish them up in an hour or so)..

Explanation in progress

Explanation on the steps of making the renowned bubble tea

A staff from Taiwan showed the actual making of a bubble tea - scoop 2 scoops of bubble jelly, pump in the syrup, then the milk/tea, shake for 20 times, and then pour them out (she certainly poured out the drink in the most stylish manner)... The process was then tried out by a local artiste.

The local artist took a shot on making the bubble tea

Thumbs up from another local artist, and Mr Bryan Loo

Busy busy outlet

I suppose consumers like the fact that they can choose the level of sugar and ice placed into their drinks. Price of drinks are either RM4.90 or RM5.90 for Regular size, and additional RM1 for Large.

Having a list of more than 120 beverage products comprising of tea, coffee and fruit pumps. When will I finish trying them? hehe..

Chatime available at :
Times Square, SS2Mall, Sunway Pyramid, First Avenue, The Gardens, SS15 and Pavilion
All outlets operate from 10am-10pm, with the exception of Pavilion (10am-11pm)

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7 Response for the "Chatime @ The Gardens"

  1. chatimte really a nice drink..

  2. Lovinlife says:

    Hi Nikel,

    Yes - Chatime is seriously good... I tried more of their drinks today... Yumms!

  3. I must agree that this is the best bubble milk tea I had. Only drink once, but I'm missing it all the time. Too bad Seremban doesn't have one =(

  4. Lovinlife says:

    Hi Melissa,

    then you need to come Selangor often, to have the drink.. But m sure they will open 1 at Seremban, one day.. :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chatime nice...But wait till you try Gong Cha

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is halal?

  7. yami! yami! :-)