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Hello Kitty Sweets @ Taipei

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While at Tai Chung, was informed of this special restaurant, themed after Hello Kitty. Being a person that is fond of Hello Kitty, can't wait to visit when I am at Taipei. The restaurant is located near the 'Zhong Xiao Fu Xing' MRT station (within walking distance of about 8mins).

Hello Kitty Sweets. "Sherlyn was here"

Reservation is recommended, and there is this min spend of NT$300 per person required. When we were seated, we were advised we have a time limit of 1.5 hours here. Just like our karaoke here, with time limit... hehe.

Got all excited going through the menu filled with food prepared after Hello Kitty.

We took the set where by paying NT$340 for the cake set, and we only needed to top up NT$50 for a drink, so we opted for the iced mango drink.

This cheese tart, topped with Hello Kitty chocolate, a mini macaroon and fruits set, we absolutely loved this. The cheese tart was so creamy and rich.

Cheese tart, macaroon and fruits set. Price-NT$340

The mango iced drink filled with mini sized mango ice-cream, delicious! Notice the ice shaped after Hello Kitty, real cute!

Mango ice drink. NT$50 (top up to the cake set)

We ordered the coffee strawberry drink. The blend between coffee (which wasn't too story) and strawberry was a taste that was so soothing to our taste. Notice the cute shaped Hello Kitty on top of the drink.

Coffee Strawberry drink. NT$230

Hello Kitty is loved by especially girls of all ages. How not to have a good feeling in such an ambiance restaurant. Shereen and I had a very wonderful afternoon at Hello Kitty Sweets, and just loved the pink color used within the restaurant.

Me and Shereen

Seating ambiance, cakes sold and items on display

Its a sell, just by Hello Kitty alone, and to experience such a cutesy cafe, which serve such top quality drinks and desserts, why not make a visit here, if one has the time while at Taipei.

Hello Kitty Sweets

, Da An Road, Sec 1,
Tel : (02) 2711 1132

Business Hours :

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