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For as long as I could remember, my mom has been making dumpling yearly, in conjunction with the Dumpling Festival, which falls on the 5th day of the 5th month, of the Chinese calendar. Every year, she will occupy her time by wrapping up the dumpling, for a good 5 hours or so, and then slow cook them with charcoaled fire.

The fact that my mom makes it, I have seldom tasted dumpling made by others... And having accustomed to the taste, which is slightly sweet-ish, I liked this way dumplings are made.

I like the dumpling made by my mom due to the fact that she puts in chunks of mushroom, pork (without the fat), chestnut, dried prawns and buah kundur, together with the glutinous rice.

The pot of cooked 'ingredients'

Getting ready all ingredients

Each bamboo leaves are chosen to make sure it is big enough to hold up all the rice and fillings.

Rice with fillings ready to be wrapped

Wrapping the dumpling is definitely a skill to acquire, which requires lots of practicing. My mom made it sound really easy 'Just cover the leaves on the top with right hand, left hand hold the dumpling, and to press the left, right, and front part of the edges, so that the triangle shape comes out well".

The wrapping process

At time of tying the dumpling, the string has to go 2 rounds at the edge of the opening, to ensure the dumpling is in tact.

Mom does it graciously

This bunch of dumplings was my first ever attempt in wrapping them. Of course since this was first attempt, I only use rice to wrap them.. Hehe..

My first attempt in wrapping dumplings

Dumplings ready to be boiled

The cooking in process

Unwrapped the dumpling

The ingredients wrapped within the dumpling, ready to be eaten

Dumpling festival is over by the time I post this, nevertheless, wish everyone had a good 'Duan Wu Jie'.. Happy Dumpling Festival!!

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