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This was my first time having a meal at Harbour Steamboat. Reservation prior to meal is recommended, as they are most of the time packed with customers (that is what I heard).

The brightly litted signboard of 'Harbour'

Though the restaurant was all packed with people, like the atmosphere in here. Felt like I was in a restaurant in Hong Kong. The other attraction was of course its all filled up 'autographed' wall, with any kinda of message one could think of.

Customers could pen down just about any message on the wall

And the had some of the really interesting sauce - dried chili prawn, fermented beancurd and homemade chilli sauce.

Sauces available

For a start, we ordered the fried tau fu pok. This was one the crunchiest tau fu pok I've tried.

Fried Tau Fu Pok. Price-RM4

All ingredients for the steamboat is based on ala carte order. Thus ordered sotong ball, prawn ball, fish ball - 3 kinds of balls... ;-) All fairly big size and with all the meatball being pounded, it has a really smooth texture on the outside, and has the very 'bouncy' feeling on the inside.

8 meatball in each plate. Fish:Price-RM6, Prawn:RM10, Sotong: Price-RM10

We also ordered pork slices, vege, dumpling.

Everything just look so good

We ordered the papaya fungus soup which cost RM10 per bowl. With big chunks of pork being used, white fungus, wolfberries, and papaya, this broth of soup was thick and has the original sweetness that came from all this ingredients used.

The bowl of steamboat

We ordered another version of tau fu pok that came with fish paste. Was crunchy and smell so good.

Think its called 'Tie Won' Price-RM4

My bro, his son and wife

My parents and I

After trying, now I know why they have such a crowd at their restaurant. Good tasting food, with offering that is different from other steamboat places. ^-^

Restoran Harbour Steamboat

(same row as Ipoh Chicken rice shop Seri Petaling outlet)
19, GF, Jalan 13/149L,
Seri Petaling,
57000 KL
Tel : 03-9059 4353

Business Hours :
6pm-11pm daily

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