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Buah Todi @ Camerons

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The loads of sea coconut at this stall caught our eyes when we drove pass, from Kea Farm towards Brinchang. Thus, decided to stop our car on the way back, to check it out.

Stalls along the road

The boss had quite a number of customers, some whom were as curious as us. Asking what is that... Upon clarifying with the boss, this is actually called Buah Todi, and the supply came from Ipoh.

First thing we asked 'how much', and the price actually range from RM5-RM18, depending on size.

The Buah Todi in different sizes

Upon choosing our Buah Todi, the boss slowly peeled open the Buah Todi. He was in fact real bubbly, and reminded us of Chef Ismail.

"Huh, potong macam ini.. (cut like this)"

The Buah Todi has 3 parts to it. Scoop over the flesh, and there will be some juice inside, which tasted very mild. Its texture is like sea coconut. Refreshing to drink this in the cool weather.

Its benefits include it having cooling effect, and works best for those having sore throat.

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