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Delucca @ One Residency, KL

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The yearly Christmas gathering is an occasion, we, the ex-Starcommers look forward to. Apart from to catch up, we look forward to trying out new or interesting restaurants, with the right Christmas 'feel' to suit the occasion. We decided on having it at Delucca for our 2009 Christmas gathering.

I first got in touch with Sen to propose us a list of food combining starter, soup, main course and dessert at the price of RM60++ per pax. He with the chef came out with a proposed list of food, which we approved right away.

Just to set the records straight, we had a really wonderful tasting dinner. However, I don't seem to do very well in taking low lighting pictures, and somehow the pictures did not turn out as desired. *^*

We were first served bread, to be dipped onto vinegar, and olives.

From top : Bread, Soup : Hot & Spicy Tomato Soup, Dessert : Trio Classic

It was then followed by a generous portions of starter (each plate to be shared by 4), which all of us were really pleased with. The starter includes, a plate of assorted bruschetta (variety of toppings), fried calamari served with special sauce, mixed seasonal vegetables and green leaves, and the classic italian aubergine dish called the "Parmigiana". Love the cheesiness, slight sourness, and sweetness of the aubergine.

From L to R : The starters : Bruschetta, Calamari, Mixed Vege

Starter : Aubergine dish called "Parmigiana"

As for the soup, most found it overly sour tasting, but a few of us think it was alright.

Prior to our dinner, we were given a choice of 3 items as our main course which includes :
- home made crepes pasta baked with mixed vegetables bechamel and tomato sauce
- chicken supreme cooked in butter & sage and served with mushroom and broccoli sauce
- deep fried Norwegian salmon steam served with lemon & dill sauce and fries

The most popular choice was the chicken dish, which was what I opted for. The place of chicken with extra touch of 'love shape' does made us a little extra excited as well. It was grilled chicken breast meat, which tasted a little dry, but glad the sauce made-up for it.

Chicken Supreme in butter & sage with mushroom and broccoli sauce

The 2nd popular choice was the norwegian salmon steak. It has a real savory aroma, and was fried till real crispy, yet the salmon meat was still delicate.

Deep fried Norwegian salmon steak

Following the big portion of starters, and also the main course, some of us can't even finish the main dish. So conclusion, value for money.. ^<>^

The dinner ended with a good spread of 'mini' dessert - trio classic italian sweets of tiramisu, rum baba and chocolate mousse.

Overall it was a good dinner. We also had a cake to celebrate the Nov and Dec babies birthday.

Round the long table, singing birthday song

The 4 birthday babies - Beng Geok, Fred, Casyn and Karen. Must be something funny that they all burst into laughter.

And the most important of all, picture time... As it was a big group of us, had to figure out where's the right spot.

Kawan-kawan, mari kita beratur untuk tangkap gambar *<>*

Smile everyone, and show the 'peace' sign please

To ensure all our heads are covered, we requested for the staff to stand on chair to capture our next group photo.
Clarice laughing too hard, that her head was hidden. Haha.

And to end the night, gift exchange time..

Presents.... who doesn't love presents???

Look forward to more gatherings. Merry Christmas everyone.. (though it has way passed the dinner, and Christmas day).. ^<>^

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