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Indian Rojak & Cendol @ Taman OUG

Posted by Sherlyn K On 12:43 PM 1 comments

Went to the Ti-ratana charity home with Shereen's mom a while ago, and while turning out to go home, saw this rojak and cendol stall. Remembered Shereen telling me how much I ought to try this out. As I just had lunch, ordered a bowl of cendol.

I liked the fact that it is at the junction of the road, and am seated just underneath the trees.

Cendol under the tree shades

I love this cooling bowl of cendol. It has just the right sweetness, and coconut milk thickness, and the best of all, the shaved ice that doesn't melt so quickly. I liked the fact that I can still see the shaved ice up till I finish my last scoop.

See what I mean by the shaved ice

Before headed head, got tempted with the rojak, and packed one home. And as I was still full, I only ate the rojak till much later. Thus, what I have tasted many hours may not be reflected of the actual quality. To add on with the 'sotong' is recommended, as it was real tasty.

Rojak. Biasa-RM3.50, With Sotong-RM4

Rojak& Cendol
(opposite Kondo Union Heights)

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