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Central Cafe @ Kota Damansara

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Was craving for chicken chop last week. And what better than to support a friend's business. Alice's parents has recently took up a stall at the Central Cafe, near Kota Damansara. Have heard of how good the business has been since they were opened 1 month+ ago. Therefore, sure la my expectation was raised.

The western food stall @ Central Cafe. 'Si tau poh' busy cooking

Central Cafe is themed around 'yellow duck'. Cute. Central cafe which occupies the main restaurant also have their own set of menu (similar to Kim Gary style), and serve drinks.

Little duck by the window. Cute

Janis tried their chicken chop, with mushroom sauce (there's also choice of black pepper sauce), and I had the fish & chips. The chicken was real succulent, and each bite was well marinated. Really worth it for the price. Apart from this, they also serve lamb chop, burger, breakfast set etc.

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce. Price-RM9.90

As for the fish & chips (i've also requested to add spaghetti), I don't quite fancy this. Dory fish was fine, yet I felt the batter was too thick. However, was told that some customers actually love this. Individual preferences.

Fish & chips, Price-RM9.90 + spaghetti (Price-additional RM1)

After the dinner, a Pug-tzu owner was there with her dog. So cute leh.. The dog can wish 'gong xi gong xi' when served food.

Pubbie, the lovely Pug-tzu

Central Cafe
(after Curve, turn in to Kota D'sara area on Right - like heading to Giant, then turn left at PJU5/2. Central Cafe is just by the corner)
27-1 Jalan PJU5/4,
47810 Kota Damansara, PJ

Business Hours :
5pm till late

(My actual visit here : 100909)

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2 Response for the "Central Cafe @ Kota Damansara"

  1. janisio says:

    where's the video of u & pubbie?
    will u posting pondok soon?

  2. Unable to load la, the video.. dunno y.. what a waste, since he is so cute...

    Pondok - coming up next.. ;-)