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Plus One @ 1Utama

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It's time again to meet up with my chi-muis. Blast with unlimited choices of restaurants, we opted for One Plus the other night.

This is my 2nd visit to One Plus- 1U branch, and once to the Imbi branch. Somehow, I feel the food taste better at the 1U branch.

Our group of chi-muis are made-up of Clarice, Jane, Rina, Jo Har and myself. The below picture taken during our dinner, with a touch of "non-creativity" where my ling, Rina's head separately added onto the picture. Though she wasn't physically there the other night due to work commitment, but we really did wish she was there, as no session is the same with 1 "member" missing.

Clarice, Jane, Rina, myself & Jo

Each of us ordered our individual soup base - from fish meat, teochew, sugarcane & water chestnut, and pork belly pepper. The first round of soup is served as per what we ordered, and for top-up of soup, it is the common soup for all.

The individual soup base.Price range from Rm3-Rm6 each

Apart from the individual pot soup, another specialty Plus One offers is the wide range of sauces. The sauces are ala buffet style, can take all we want. My favorite is to make my own concoction, mixing soya sauce, black vinegar, and add on lotsa parsley. Parsley is my absolute love.

We decided that it is more 'economical' to order the sets, topped up with individual order. Thus, took the Homemade Ball Set and the Mixed Set. For add-ons, we ordered the shrimp ball, sotong ball, pork ball which are all homemade. No wonder the 'balls' are extremely 'bouncy', and fresh. And yes, during the night, I learned one new term for golden mushroom. They term it 'Needle Mushroom' here.

Top L-R: Shrimp & Sotong ball.Price-RM6 each portion of ball, Tong Hou Vege.Price-RM6
Bottom L-R : Pork ball with mushroom.Price-RM4, Needle Mushroom.Price-RM6

The herbal drink in jug - really refreshing and cooling. And the appetizer, pickled cucumber, is a good choice too.It smell especially good, due to the sesame oil that is used.

Rib Eye Steak, half portion.Price-RM10, Sugar Cane Herbal Tea in jug.Price-RM10, Various sauces-Price FOC

Homemade Ballset.Price-RM24, Picked Cucumber.Price-RM6, Mixed Set.Price-RM18

Only towards the end part of the dinner, we noticed there is a promotion going on, whereby with RM50 spending, we are entitled to order a plate of 5 prawns at RM1. Such good deal! Worth it! With our total spend exceeding RM100, we are entitled to order 2 plates.

Plate of prawn.With the RM1 promo, each prawn cost us RM0.20 only

Plus One Shabu-Shabu
Lot F337-338, 1st Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel : 03-7725 3322


(my actual visit here : 240409)

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