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Hokkien Mee @ Petaling Street

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Its been long since I last had supper, but since the dinner I had was around 5pm+, went for dinner at Petaling Street, 2 Saturday ago. This place looks really old, and have possibly opened before I was born.

The famous Petaling Street hokkien mee

The hokkien mee is fried using fire on charcoal, but somehow, I don't really find this good. Maybe its because I've tasted one that is much better, operating from behind Tawakal (read my earliest post). This hokkien mee is a little hard, and not really aromatic.

Big plate of hokkien mee

This steamed squid is prepared just like some vegetable, where they just use garlic oil and soya sauce. I quite like this dish, something different.
Steamed squid

This soup is also nice - pork with cabbage. Sweet.

Pork & Vege Soup

This stall/shop is just opposite the famous longan drink stall at Petaling Street. It is rather pricey, as for such simple 3 dish, the total bill came up to RM50.
(I would think noodle and squid should cost lesser).

* Non-Halal

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