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Siu Yee Restaurant

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Nixon took me to this Chinese restaurant when I was in Singapore. The ambience, and its food variety are very different to what we find here.. Their specialty - the duck, which combines cooking with Chinese herbs and for those duck lovers, there are page of history and culture of roast duck, and the origin of herbal roast duck within the menu.

Another interesting item that
strikes me while I going through the menu is the crocodile meat soup. Cooked together with Prunus and Chuang Bei, it can moisture lung and drives dryness, eliminate phlegm and relive cough. Crocodile mean treats asthma, improves eyesigth and enhances skin beauty. Apa lagi, sure I wanna try. This is a really nice soup, and the taste of the meat, tender.. ;-)

The Menu

Atmosphere is just like restaurant from the olden days

Abalone mushroom, cooked with Chinese wine

Roasted Duck

Stewed Crocodile Meat with Sweet & Bitter Almonds & Chuang Bei. Price-SGD6.80

Deep fried Kailan with Floss. Price-SGD10.80


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