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Restoran Fei Fei Crab @ Kepong

Posted by Sherlyn K On 7:46 PM 2 comments

Was introduced to Go Enjoy magazine , a restaurant directory, and with it being a fairly new publication, it is produced with quality, and superb food shot. After hearing from Yap, who has been to 1 of the restaurant recommended by Go Enjoy, I too, gathered some of my makan kakis to try it out.

We headed to Fei Fei 2 weekends ago. Yap, my brother who has been there, highlighted that 1 of the main attraction here is that Fei Fei sells 1 serving of crab at RM18+ (separately, they also have crabs sold at per kg charge).

Having been warned of the crowd especially during the weekend, we were not surprised when we saw the crowd that was seated inside the restaurant, and outside, which also stretched to the next shoplot. Fei Fei will be recommended for those who can afford the waiting time, for we waited around 45mins for our food to be served. Nevertheless, no complaints from us, as in return, we tasted good, yet affordable food.

Fei Fei was totally packed

We ordered the HK kailan, stir fried with garlic. The kailan was absolutely fresh, and every bite was real crunchy.

Stir fried Hong Kong Kailan. Price-RM10

The other specialty that we ordered was the Italy style fried mantis shrimp, which also came together with potatoes. It has a rather unique sauce, which tasted like a concoction of mayonnaise, lemon and some honey. The mantis shrimp was fried till real crunchy, and yet still can taste the flesh (some fried it till too crunchy that it made the flesh sorta 'disappear')... The sauce that coated the mantis shrimp was truly aromatic. A rather new way of tasting mantis shrimp.

Italy Style Mantis Shrimp. Price -RM15

As crabs only cost RM18 per order, we ordered 3 different types - sweet sour, butter with corn and honey lemon crab.

We were pleasantly surprised when we were served the crabs, as the portion is considered big, for the price we paid. So 'dai!!!!!' @ value for money.

There were 3 medium-sized fresh crabs in each serving.

Of the 3, sweet and sour was the least favored. Though it carried the sweet and sour taste, the gravy was a little watery, and wasn't a particular taste that made me want more.

Sweet & Sour Crab. Price-RM18

However, we were glad that the other 2 order tasted real good. The sweet corn, butter crab - nice. The buttery sauce was with the right thickness and creamy buttery taste. The curry leaves added fragrance to this dish and I also liked the sweetness that came from the corn used.

Butter Crab with Corn. Price-RM21

The honey lemon crab scored full marks!! Just love this plate of bbq crabs. Once I licked on the shell, the aroma bbq smell and the sweetness from the honey that sticks on to the shell, really had my taste bud dancing with excitement. In addition, there was also accompanying sauce - special concoction of use, using lemon and garlic. Thick crab flesh dipped onto the sauce- yummmy!!! A truly flavorful taste!!

Honey Lemon Crab. Price-RM21

There were total of 9 crabs, and we managed to the end.

While ordering, I did wished I was there with perhaps a dozen friends, so that I could order more of its other dishes to try, as there were many others that caught my eyes...!!

Alycia and Lung, looking really happy. Who wouldn't after a satisfactory meal?

Babe & I

Restoran Fei Fei Crab
No 7-A Jalan Desa 2/7,
Desa Aman Puri, Kepong,
52100 KL
Tel : 016-237 3794 (Tan)

Business Hours :
11am-2.45pm & 5pm-11pm

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