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I was recently in touch with my ex-colleague, Danny Loke, in which I found out that he has been running this restaurant in Sri Petaling for the last 10 years. Upon checking his FB page, I found very positive comments made on its food, and I'm glad I made my way there.

Appetizing product shots to tempt you
Nice comfy seating
From the outside

Comfy and spacious
I was extremely impressed with the food presentation at Fusion Haven. Honestly, I don't get to feast my eyes with such lovely presentation even at some fine dining outlets.
We tried the mango salad. Despite having used mango quality that isn't the best, perhaps due to seasonality of this fruit, the overall combination deserves a thumbs up.  The salad is served in a crispy basket.

Fusion Mango Salad. Price-RM13.90
Firstly, crack up the 'basket' and mix the salad together. Within this, we find fresh lettuce, apple, mango, raisins and dried fruits..Place them onto the crackers, and eat them together. The combination of crunchiness, and the slightly wet salad, simply right.

Inside look of the mango salad
The Fusion Dory Tower - I must say, I was awed with this "tower"..  At the bottom, is the onigiri rice fried, topped withe pan fried dory, followed by turkey breast ham, and another layer of pan fried dory. The octopus bonito flakes made the whole thing looked classier, and a long twist stick.

The octopus bonito flakes lends a tastier taste to the soft dory fish, with a slight crisp surrounding the fish. Yummy to the max.

Fusion Dory Tower. Price-RM23.90
The pepperocino spaghetti was absolutely tasty, fried using lots of garlic, and olive oil. The owner, Danny, requested a replacement of shisamo fish, to topped the pasta, instead of their regular pan grilled chicken. You may want to check on the availability of this at point of ordering.
Pepperocino Spaghetti with Shisamo. Price-RM18.90
This ought to be their best seller dessert. From the look, one would know that the chocolate cake is really moist.

Warm Hearted Chocolate Cake with Ice-Cream. Price-RM7.90
Cut it apart, and you will find chocolate oozing out from this small sized chocolate cake. I was pretty impressed. Taste wise, oo-la-la... it best described my taste bud.

Chocolate goodness oozing out.
And a must must order, is their ice house coffee, which I forgot to take a picture of.
Taste very good, and only at the price of RM4.80 per glass. 

Overall, I had a very good meal at Fusion Haven Cafe, and I'm not saying this just because I know the owner. And a point to note is that, with the standard of food served, the price is way too reasonable. Perhaps one thing to thank is that the high competitive F&B environment in this area. Whatever it is, it will be to the advantage of the customers. Yay!

Being located at a highly busy street (and of course, no business owner would like to run their business at area with ample parking, which would mean that, its probably a dead area), do look out for police station on the right, followed by TM Point. Fusion Haven is just few doors away.

Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant
45 Jalan Radin Anum Satu,
Sri Petaling,
57000 KL
Tel : 03-9054 6665

Business Hours :
Mon-Fri except Tue, 11.30am-10.30pm (close from 3-5pm)
Sat, Sun (open throughout the operating hours)

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2 Response for the "Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant @ Sri Petaling, KL "

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was inspired to give the Fusion a try after reading your blog. Perhaps, the chef had a bad day as practically all our food was bad. Orange juice was watery with an off taste. Charsio ramen was served warm with mangled pieces of braised pork which didn't look like the photo at all. Fusion dory tower was messy with soggy fried dory pieces. The consolation was the warm hearted chocolate cake which we totally enjoyed. For the overall bill that I paid, quality of food and taste could be better. Thanks anyway for blogging about this place as we are always searching for new places to try.

  2. Sherlyn K says:

    Oh dear , I'm sorry to hear that your experience wasn't quite the same as mine...

    So your fusion dory tower didn''t look like what I had from the picture posted?